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Tufts University, student organization


Tufts University

Directed by Virginia Anderson

Music Direction by Bridget Reddington & Mike Pfitzer

Choreography by Lara Kitain

Costumes by Teddi Rogers

Scenery by Craig Kaufman

Lights by Mike Sidebottom

Sound by Scott Silverman

Cottington called the play “an example of the power and endurance of storytelling to promote social awareness and change.” “Art helps us reflect on injustice and history by appealing to our senses, and ‘Cabaret’ creates a vivid world that lets the audience narrow down their knowledge of the political upheavals in Berlin to one specific, intimate moment in time.” ...


To recognize the occurrence of World AIDS day on Dec. 1, the cast will give out red ribbons and condoms and accept donations for the AIDS Action Committee, a non-profit health organization based in Massachusetts. The cast also donated their complimentary tickets to the AAC.


“We have chosen to align ourselves with World AIDS Day to express our intent not only to recognize tragedies in the past, but to actively fight the injustices of our present,” Cottington said.

Behind the Scenes of Cabaret

Behind the Scenes of Cabaret

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With narration by cast member Kyle Sircus (A'11) and a snapshot of life behind the curtain, get a peek at how a musical like "Cabaret" comes together. Cast member Becky Baumwoll leads a warmup before the first performance.

"If You Could See Her," Cabaret at Tufts University:

Cabaret finale at Tufts University:

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