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Connecticut College Mainstage
Screenshot 2018-11-02 22.53.54.png

Life is a Dream

Connecticut College

Directed by Ginny Anderson

in collaboration with Luis M. Gonzalez
Costumes by Sabrina Notarfrancisco

Scenery by Portia Elmer

Lights by Margo Caddell

To protect the country from the horrors prophesied, the young Prince Segismudo is condemned for all eternity to be shut away from his country and his birthright. Banished to a secret world high in the mountains and cut off from the sun, he can only dream of a life reversed: of palaces, empires, freedom – revenge… A classic from the Spanish Golden Age, Calderón’s richly poetic, epic masterpiece explores illusion, reality, fate and destiny against the backdrop of a mythical Polish kingdom.

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