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In the classroom and the rehearsal hall, I strive to stimulate discussion, thought, and participation in ways that extend beyond the boundaries of an institutional learning environment and lead to the development of culturally engaged scholars and citizens. I believe in the importance of welcoming, inclusive, and rigorous spaces for collaboration, interaction, and communication to enable students to do their best work. When I reflect on “success” in my teaching, I look for evidence of a new perspective on the world, past and present; student engagement with the world beyond the classroom; my own personal connection with students, learning their interests, backgrounds, and needs to deepen their engagement; and assignments structured in a meaningful and challenging way. I encourage students to bring their unique backgrounds and passions to the table so that they may contribute to a rich discussion concerning theater and the societies in which it is created.

I challenge my students' perceptions of the arts through cultural and personal contextualization. Experiences through direct encounters with historical objects and eye-witnesses (when available) are powerful tools for challenging students to connect with the material I teach.

Selected Courses Taught


Connecticut College 

Associate Professor, Department of Theater (2019–present)

Assistant Professor, Department of Theater (2013–2019)

Theater and Culture I: Rise from Ritual

Theater and Culture II: The Modern Mind

Practical Dramaturgy

Performing Difference in the American Musical

Theater of the AIDS Epidemic 

Performing Public Health

Theater for Young Audiences

Art of Theater

The award is presented annually to a Connecticut College faculty member who embodies Professor Mulvey's legendary commitment to engaging students intellectually and teaching them to love learning. It recognizes an assistant professor who regularly offers classes that challenge students to work harder than they thought they could and to reach unanticipated levels of academic achievement.      


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo                                            

Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance (2009–2013)         

Introduction to Theatre

Theatre History I

Theatre History II

LGBT Theatre

Women’s Theatre

Black Theatre

Theatre in the United States

Children’s Drama

The AIDS Epidemic in Theatre and Film

Engineering Student Council Award, College of Engineering, Cal Poly

Cal Poly’s Engineering Student Council annual Outstanding Faculty Awards are based on the results of a college-wide student survey. Virginia Anderson, professor of theater and dance, was named Outstanding Professor in the College of Liberal Arts. The award recognizes Anderson’s ability to engage students in majors outside of the College of Liberal Arts. “Her extreme enthusiasm for theater and complete joy that she exudes while teaching is contagious,” said one of her former students. “You leave her class feeling moved, inspired, and invigorated.”

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