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Connecticut College Mainstage

On the Town

Connecticut College

Directed by Ginny Anderson

Music Direction by Mark Seto

Vocal Direction by Wendy Moy

Choreography by Lisa Race

Costumes by Sabrina Notarfrancisco

Scenery by Tim Golebiewski

Lights by Sean Nicholl

Anderson joined Connecticut College’s theater department this fall. She explained her motivation for bringing On the Town to Conn: “As we look back at World War II through On the Town, what is our responsibility as artists to engage with our current cultural moment? How can this show spark conversations that lead to deeper understanding of not only the past, but the present and future as well? I think that students will fully relate to the story we’re telling. It’s a celebration of connections between people — connections that define you and that you never forget. College is such a special time, in no small part because of the relationships we form and the ways in which we challenge and inspire one another.”

The cast of On the Town trains with David McIlhenney Fitness Studio

The cast of On the Town trains with David McIlhenney Fitness Studio

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I asked fitness trainer David McIlhenney and his team to help our cast increase the physical strength and endurance required by our dance-heavy production. They were terrific collaborators and they developed this promotional video using great footage from the show.

Photos by A. Vincent Scarano

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